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Diálogos (PDF)

He juntado en un PDF las entradas del blog de G. Weber sobre sus diálogos con K. y lo he dejado en la sección de minilibros.

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soy italiano y no ablo espagnol..
I just want to say thank you for all your sharing.
The dialogues with Gary send me here.
I love your blog, so much in tune with dzogchen stuff I’ve read recently.
Now I’m enjoying these insights in my daily life, it seems that everything goes by its own way and the cool aspect is that i’m doing rather nothing, just the minimal. My only problem is the pop up of some intense memories strongly impressend in this cognitive system.
One of my favorite trick to release the mental stuff is to watch (or imagine) the sky or to “think” about the invisible space aroung me: immediatly the mental activity (thoughts, emotions) goes away, becomes transparent and is “magically” dissolved into the space.
Is fascinating how a fictional entity appear (generating phisical sensations) and deseppear without any explanation

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Comentario por zew

Hi Zew, welcome!

Thank you for commenting! So nice you found the dialogues of interest.

Your trick with memories is quite Dzogchen too 🙂 focusing on space or the whole of our present experience is a good way for being in the now.

The fictional entity is quite rooted in our psyche, like some fears or other aflictive mental stuff. It’s amazing and the hypnosis is deep…

I hope you can understand the blogposts…


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