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¡Sigue escalando!
21/01/2015, 4:24 pm
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Hay un dicho zen que dice: “Cuando llegues a la cima de la montaña… ¡sigue escalando!”. Esto va dedicado a los que ya han tenido un despertar.

Texto de Soh Wei Yu:

Every insight can have that effect — the realization of I AMness may result in a deceptive thought “this is it, this is liberation, enlightenment” etc. The realization of One Mind, pure transparency, etc, can also result in that effect.

In truth, one is still far from total release and realization.  […]

It is always good to keep this in mind and be humble about one’s practice and achievements. However, it is unfortunate that very often, people who have not even realized emptiness (but may have realized the aspect of unconditioned Clarity/Awareness) can often be tricked into thinking of himself as “I got it”. Even the neo-Advaitin/Zen teacher Adyashanti have made a related remark, “Whenever you touch upon a deep truth, suchness of reality, your true nature, each aspect feels like it’s total and complete and all-inclusive at that moment. So that’s why teachers have a very hard time getting through to people when they have an initial experience of anything because if it’s an initial experience of reality it feels totally complete and there is a certain innate confidence that arises within you. Not an egoic confidence but a confidence that comes from reality.”

I will also add, very often that experiential confidence does in fact translate into an egoic kind of confidence. The “I got it syndrome” translates into “I know it all syndrome”, so one has effectively shut down from further learning and practice.

Yet another neo-Advaitin teacher Vishrant said in a talk where he described ‘awareness of awareness’ as merely a kindergarten stage of awakening, “the teachers that are flying in and out and telling people they are awake are actually misleading people. The terrible side of that is when somebody is told they are awake, the ego grasps it and says, ‘I am awake’, and then stop seeking, and then these people stop looking because they think they’ve already found. So it cuts off their chances for ongoing awakening. It’s very sad.

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En su momento puse una traducción al castellano aquí:


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Hacía días que no me pasaba por aquí… Ya sabes como son las conspiraciones del universo. Hoy me han traído a la lectura de esta entrada y a escribir mi traducción del texto en mi blog, complementado con algunas cosas en las que ando metida últimamente…

No importa qué escalas, importa el cómo y con quien. ;D

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¡Qué bien que el universo conspire! 🙂

Que sepas que sigues en mi lector RSS de blogs, así que… ¡voy a leerte!

Un abrazo

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Que difícil es Advaita no dual !!?

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