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Self realization and other awakenings

This is what I discovered: The ‘I’ was not there. There was no central kernel that gave illusory life to me as a person. There never was an ‘I’. There had never even been an idea that there was an ‘I’, the doer and experiencer; even that was gone. What I had thought to be ‘I’, was really ‘I Am’, the sense of presence, of being-ness. But that I-Am-ness, the presence, the consciousness contained no point of ‘I’, and it never had. ‘I’ had only been a belief; an idea held tenaciously, that created an apparent experience of ‘I’ as a person.

When the idea of ‘I’ died, the whole realm of conceptualization changed and became clear. All other ideas depended on the belief in a separate ‘I’, set apart from the rest of the experienced world, and when this duality was exposed as fantasy, so were all other concepts that depended on the ‘I-Other’ duality. Looking within, the I-Am-ness, the presence I had called consciousness, seemed to have a center or source near the heart (of my apparent body); it appeared that consciousness arose and flowed from this center. Yet that heart center was only a happening in consciousness and had nothing to do with the belief in an ‘I’ as the doer and experiencer. The ‘I Am’, the sense of presence that pervades all inner and outer emptiness and experience has no ‘I’ as a central core. It really is an Am-ness, not an I-Am-ness.

Without an ‘I’, there is no ‘not-I’ within consciousness. There is only consciousness, only One. The One contains all experience. All experiences are only modifications of that one consciousness.

I turned my attention to thoughts, and saw that thoughts just floated through Am-ness, as if from outside the body. There is no mind as such, just thoughts passing through Am-ness or beingness. Without an ‘I’, the illusory personal center, there is no one to take possession of a thought or desire and to act on it or make it real. The Am-ness has no inclination to participate in the thoughts, and is free of their tyranny. The Am-ness is free to take delivery of a thought briefly, and make it real, such as an idea that I need to do some chore, which may be transformed into action, or it can let the thought or desire pass through, unaccepted.

-Edji Muzika (Self realization and other awakenings)

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¡Ostras!, ¡Ed tambien es amante de los gatos!

Me gusta

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Sí, en realidad UN GRAN amante de los gatos 🙂

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