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Los tres vehículos y la realización
19/03/2014, 4:37 pm
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In the individual vehicle (Hinayana) the skandhas are basically renounced. Samsara and nirvana do not have any relationship to each other. They are independent of each other. And samsara is taken to be a real threat that requires one to basically renounce every single aspect of this worldly life to attain nirvana or the unconditioned/deathless. So in this praxis nirvana is one thing and samsara is another. This in essence is a dualistic vision of Buddhism because it is more about the individuals liberation. The vision of this is the Arhat, or one who has cooled the flame of the three poisons.

In the Mahayana vehicle both nirvana and samsara are empty. And even if one attains individual liberation, there is still the world of suffering. And hence one desire to free others, all while recognizing that fundamentally there is no one to free as all dharmas are empty from the beginning. Yet the praxis is about ending cognitive obscurations so on attains all the siddhi’s of Buddhahood. The key foundation to this vehicle is positive intention and compassion as a means towards full Buddhahood.

In the Vajrayana vehicle reality is transformed from impure vision to pure vision. So there is no problem with reality, other than our mistaken notions and momentum of ignorance that we project. So nothing is renounced because at this point everything can be transformed into the mandala of the deity.

-A. Hong

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