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03/09/2013, 4:50 pm
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Likewise, any form of trying to stop emotions such as sadness is really modification to the behaviour. But doing that, there is re-enforcement of self.

Spontaneous manifestation is the realisation that any (wish for) modification to behaviour is ‘doing of the self’. There is no true rest in trying to modify anything. Seek and you shall not find

Cool! There is no stopping. When condition is, manifestation is. Any attempt to stop is doing, is self. The ‘sadness’ is just a mirror that serves as a gender reminder of the latent deep; a subtle identification. Nothing needs to be done other than allowing our own pristine-emptiness nature to manifest spontaneously and unreservedly. Whether there is ‘sadness’ or “peace”, still unreserved spontaneity of our luminous nature.

-Thusness y Longchen charlando en:  http://sgforums.com/forums/1728/topics/259958

Nótese el paralelismo absoluto con el no hacer (Wu Wei) taoista

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