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01/09/2013, 4:04 pm
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You can treat non-duality as a form of experience without an object and subject split. Experience of non-duality results in bliss or jhanic states. We may enter non-dual mainly through:

1. Concentration
Here object and subject fused into one through the sustain power of concentration. One enters into a state of absorption and samadhi. This is the way of ‘efforting’ that has an entry and exit point. Self is temporary suspended by ‘forget it through absorption’.

2. Wisdom
This is the experience of non-duality through realization and insight. In this case, non-duality is experienced as our nature. It is always so. This is the effortless and spontaneous way. There is no entry and exit at all. All dualism are but ignorance of our non-dual nature. Self is realized as an illusion. There is no self apart from the manifestation.

In both cases, non-duality is all about the dissolution of ‘self/Self’. The sense of self is caused either by:

1. The illusionary view of an agent. The view of ‘I’ or
2. Attachment to objectives and possession, that is, objective action. The view of ‘mine’.

-By Thusness at http://sgforums.com/forums/1728/topics/252041

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