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One thought traveller
02/08/2013, 4:29 pm
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一念行者,One Thought Traveler,
一个走在路上、A person who is walking on the road,
站在街上或坐在椅子里的人。standing on the streets or sitting in a chair.
以心为田,Taking mind as the field,
以字为籽,Taking words as seeds,
以书当种,Taking books as seeds,
春耕夏锄,spring ploughing and summer weeding,
心灵老农。an old farmer of mind and spirit.
没有过去,也没有未来,There is no past, and also no future,
仅有当下一个不停变幻着的念头。there is purely this present thought that is ceaselessly fluctuating.
身份:一念; Identity: one thought
名字:一念; Name: one thought
全部的所有:一念。The entirety of everything: one thought.
一念行者,一念觉行。One thought traveler, one thought awareness action.

一念何物?谁是行者?What is one thought? Who is the traveler?

一念,心上过客。One thought, a passerby of mind.
心中只有念头,Within mind there is only one thought,
一念即是行者,That one thought is the traveler,
行者即是一念。That traveler is just that one thought.
念头为心行者,Thought is mind’s traveler,
除此一念,Apart from one thought,
别无它物,There is nothing else,
别无人,There is no other person,
别无行者。There is no other traveler,
一念在行,One thought is traveling,
不停不驻,Without stopping nor staying,
本就行者,it already is the traveler,
故名一念行者。Therefore it is called one thought traveler.

Texto de: One thought traveler http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_5b4d23f60102dyuk.html 

Traducido del chino por: Wei Yu http://awakeningtoreality.blogspot.com.es/

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