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Etapas del Despertar
28/11/2012, 3:20 pm
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Un buen y directo artículo sobre las fases del Despertar.

When one first begin meditating, one may have an initial experience of all-pervading Presence. This Presence, is most often experienced when thoughts are momentarily suspended. This Presence which exists in the timeless Present Moment is our true characteristic or nature.

However such an experience can only be classified as an initial awakening to the true nature.. which ironically have no sense of being an individual self. This is because, after the meditation, the Presence seems to have disappeared. One cannot understand and find the connection of Presence to our everyday life. Because of that, one will have difficulties re-acquiring the Presence. And it takes many stages and series of realisation to understand the relationship of Presence to our phenomenal world. It can be said that the prolonged sustaining of Presence is dependent upon the stages and depth of realisation.

Also, during the earlier stages we may mistaken another state to be the pure pristine presence. For example, we may mistaken ‘I AM’ or the Eternal Witness for pure presence. This is because the thinking mind has created a seemingly constant image of Pure Presence. This image is the I AM or Eternal Witness, as it is commonly described. Basically, at this stage, the true characteristic of Presence is not being clearly understood.

Usually, in order to pass through the so-called ‘I AM’ stage, the person must move towards even deeper understandings of consciousness. These understandings may include realising that one’s sense of self or personality is not the doer or controller of action. This realisation allows one to loosen the ‘sense of self’s compulsive grip and in the process, a state of NOWness can be experienced. By NOWness, I am referring to a peaceful state where the mind is not chasing after thoughts but rather is abiding in the Present Moment.

This stage may persist for sometime before the person realises the illusion of subject-object division. This stage involves discovering and recognising the hypnotic impression of there being an observer (which is oneself) and the being observed. Typically, this is where one begins to see through the illusionary nature of our phenomenal world. This entire band of realisation stage is often known as non-dual experience or non-duality. After the intial experiences of non-duality, the person may reach a even more profound realisation. This is the realisation that everything that is being experienced is truely spontaneously manifesting. This realisation is more subtle than the previous realisation and represents a major leap in understanding.


from http://awakeningtoreality.blogspot.com

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agradezco mucho tu blog. insisto, gracias.

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Gracias también a ti por comentar, sino al final se siente uno muy solo. 🙂

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Pero, ¿es que estáis durmiendo?

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Chuang Tzu soñó que era una mariposa. Al despertar ignoraba si era Tzu que había soñado que era una mariposa o si era una mariposa y estaba soñando que era Tzu.


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