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On Ramana
15/11/2012, 4:01 pm
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When I was there a week or so, two of his disciples were sort of jokingly arguing with him about something in Tamil. I asked the interpreter what they were talking about. He said Ramana’s couch is covered with lice, and he refuses to let us kill them. They climb over his body and his legs and he doesn’t care. He even feeds them. We want to exterminate the couch, but he won’t let us. So the next day they tricked him. When he went outside for his morning walk, the sprayed his couch with DDT. When he came back he smelled the couch, he smiled and jokingly said, “Someone has tricked me.” He never got angry. I don’t think he knew what the words meant.
I was informed that he left his body. I went back to Tiruvannamalai. But the crowds had already started to come, thousands and thousands of people. […] I inquired of his devotee who saw him last, “What were the last words he spoke?” The devotee said, “While he was leaving his body a peacock flew on top of the hall and started screeching, and Ramana remarked to his devotee, “Has anyone fed the peacock yet?” and those were the last words he spoke.

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