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Awakening and drugs (I)
25/10/2012, 11:20 am
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Del excelente blog de Gary Weber, el mejor descubrimiento del último trimestre (no el texto, sino su blog):

In the 1960s, a well-known encounter occurred between Neem Karoli Baba, a popular guru, and Ram Das (Richard Alpert, the spiritual teacher and famous popularizer of psychedelics). Neem Karoli Baba was the guru of many well-known contemporary musicians and spiritual teachers in addition to Ram Das, including Bhagavan Das, Krishna Das, and an old friend, Durga Das.

The meeting w/Ram Das was documented in Ram Das’ books’ including “Be Here Now” and “Miracle of Love”. “Be Here Now” was a 70s cult classic; still have mine…

As Ram Das described:

I put one pill on his palm. Each…was about three hundred micrograms of very pure LSD – a solid dose for an adult. He beckoned for more, so I put a second pill in his hand…Again he beckoned…making the total dosage 900 micrograms…Then he threw all the pills into his mouth. My reaction was one of shock mixed with fascination…He allowed me to stay for an hour–and nothing happened. Nothing whatsover. He just laughed…

That powerful psychedelics had no discernible effect on, nor interest for, “awakened” folk was important and surprising in the West, which by the early 70s had seen many psychedelic experiences.

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