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Jnana marga (II)
26/07/2012, 7:39 am
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To successfully tread this path there are certain things you need, and without them, you will never complete your work on this path; and you would be better served by trying a different path.

Jnana Yoga, or Jnana Marga, certainly is not for everyone. Ramana said it’s only for a few mature souls. Most people who start this path fall by the side. It can be very long, very boring, and difficult. There can be long periods of time were it feels like no progress is made, and a lot of you know about that. It requires certain mental qualities that many people do not have; although they can develop these qualities through meditation.

What are some of these indispensable qualities?

First, you need to be able to introspect. That means you can look inside of yourself and find images; lights, spaciousness, the Void, emptiness, a sense of presence, a sense of existence, the sense of “I am.” You can find dreams, you can find memories, thoughts and images, and internal currents of electricity and kundalini, and lots of other things. You need to know how to introspect.

Next, the second most important is humility. Without humility you will go through your inner exploration armed with your own arrogance and knowledge, and will be unable to see the truth, because it will be too subtle for someone who is not humble. However, humility can be learned, and it is often learned because of repeated failures to gain enlightenment using your own mind and knowledge. When you lose confidence in your mind and knowledge it allows you to become humble. Being with a guru can also help you become humble, either by watching him or her, or having the teacher cook the arrogance out of you.

As a corollary, you must become exceedingly comfortable knowing nothing. You need to drop knowledge. You need to drop intellectual certainty. You need to drop all teachings you have read. You need to forget the words of all holy books and gurus who’ve gone before, and whom you’ve read about. This is part of being humble, being empty, not knowing anything — “only don’t know,” as Seung Sahn used to say — “only don’t know;” be utterly stupid, empty of knowledge.

Then you have to trust completely either your teacher, or the method. Without this trust, you will always be second-guessing yourself, always checking your progress, always asking whether your latest experience shows that you are on the correct path or not. You always wander and waffle. You will always be frightened that you are losing your way and not making progress.

Also, you need to recognize that the path may be long and difficult, and you need to acquire the ability to concentrate and to persist. Robert used to say when it comes to spiritual work persistence is everything. Persistence develops concentration and focus which, in turn, allows you to develop the power and clarity in practicing technique. You have to be prepared to spend the rest of your life before you finally tread the last step of this path. If you’re not willing to do this, please choose a different path

These are the indispensable qualities that you need to successfully tread the path of Jnana Marga, the path of Self-knowledge.

-Edji Muzika

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