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Meditation undone
26/05/2012, 6:27 pm
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Meditation is not concentration. Meditation is not about stopping your thoughts. It is not about escaping your problems. Meditation is not about attainment of any state — peace or joy. Meditation is also not about witnessing, for in real meditation the witnesser himself is absent. It is not about the hours that are spent in it. If you are looking at the time you have spent in meditation, you are actually looking at the time when you were not in meditation. You can practice various techniques of meditation yet you can never know what true meditation is. When techniques drop, chanting drops, time drops, only then meditation appears.

Meditation is about embracing; it is about celebrating; it is about welcoming; it is about surrender; it is about making love. Notice, I have not mentioned anything about any object. I have not talked about embracing anything in particular, about celebrating anything in particular, about loving anything in particular, because, to have an object means to miss meditation. If there is an object there cannot be meditation. If there is an objective, even then there cannot be meditation. The end of object and objective is the beginning of meditation.

Meditation is about smiling; meditation is about laughing — smiling and laughing not for any reason, smiling and laughing because there is no reason. Meditation is not when you have lost your mind. Meditation is — when you can never find the mind again, once you have lost it. If you think you are in meditation, know that you certainly are not in it. No Master can teach you meditation; all that you are learning from him is your own mind. Meditation starts with acceptance and it flowers with transcendence even of itself.

 -Rajiv Kapur

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It is just like you say.

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Thank you for your comments, Bibiana. And welcome to this blog.

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