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Hemisferios cerebrales y el ego
04/04/2012, 2:31 pm
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A extraordinary case report describes a woman who had learned to select, at will, one of two mental states. One of these states reflected predominant activity in her right hemisphere, the other in the left. When she was a young child, her two mental states switched by themselves. But by the age of sixteen she had learned the art of control. Now she could shift voluntarily from one state to the other. How? She began either by closing her eyes, or by looking off at the horizon. Then she simply allowed her conscious decision to take effect.

We have been searching, of course, for the origins of the I. Therefore, it is of some interest to note the word she used to describe her left-sided state. It was “I.” And, whenever she was in this state, the investigators concluded that her usual cognitive modes were more “left hemispheric” in type. Moreover, her left-sided EEG leads also showed the correspondingly greater activation. In contrast, she referred to her other state as “it.” “It” showed more right hemispheric EEG activation. “It” was also the more spatially adroit.

When she was in her right hemispheric active state, her behavior appeared more open, enthusiastic, and forthright. But (and here any wistful, simplistic analogies start to break down), she was also more impulsive, emotional, and had more definite likes and dislikes. In contrast, her left hemispheric active state was the more defensive one. She was guarded, cautious, and restricted, yet also more indifferent to matters of picking and choosing. (How could what we have already learned about Zen represent functions that must arise from only one of her two hemispheres?)

-J. Austin (Zen and the brain)

El lenguaje, la argumentación y los conceptos se sabe que reside en el hemisferio izquierdo. Según la teoría de asociar lenguaje y ego, ahí residiría el ego también, por tanto es lógico que la persona asociara el “yo” habitual con el hemisferio izquierdo. ¿Ayuda la meditación a equilibrarlos y eliminar la preponderancia del izquierdo?

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