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The relativity of pain
02/04/2012, 10:05 am
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One striking feature about morphine and the other opioids is the way they do more than relieve physical pain. Why do the patient’s pains then become less immediate? Because opioids relieve suffering, the “psychological” response to pain. Not only do the patients’ original pains improve but those that remain seem to bother them much less. The patients have become “emotionally detached” from their pain. A gap seems to have opened up between the perceptive and the responsive. This “distancing” is a noteworthy phenomenon.

Beecher concluded that “the intensity of suffering is largely determined by what the pain means to the patient. If you immerse your arm in ice-cold water you will experience intense pain. But extensive meditative training can help reduce the distress associated with such pain. In one study, TM meditators (who had practiced for an average of nine years) were significantly less distressed by the cold water than were controls. The TM group did not differ otherwise in their pain threshold level, nor in how much their heart rate increased, nor in how much their skin resistance decreased.

Some subjects have reported that, under the influence of LSD, they can have pain which “does not hurt.” The greatest aid to experiencing such nonhurtful pain is to have an exemplar who has been “there” once before and who is not afraid. In Weil’s view, the fear of pain is itself the greatest obstacle. He believes that a subject can experience nonhurtful pain, without LSD, when both the mental set and the setting are appropriate. In the presence of pain, the technique involves first deepening one’s concentration, then turning attention away from verbalized thoughts and directing it toward the feeling itself.

-J. Austin (Zen and the brain)

Incluso el dolor físico es básicamente una cuestión de pensamientos, poca broma… 🙂

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Me parece muy interesante esta aproximación al dolor…

Debo incorporar “sensaciones” a mis reflexiones…

Hace poco he incorporado “sentimientos” y “emociones”. “Sensaciones” es otra dimensión que explorar… Supongo que ya he empezado “sin querer”…

Me gusta

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