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Abrupt vs. gradual
07/03/2012, 7:30 am
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Slowly, feelings of calmness and clarity begin subtly to extend themselves out of the zendo, entering into life’s everyday affairs. It becomes easier to accept unpleasant things. Even when irritated, I have a growing sense of who is becoming upset. This leaves more time to develop an objective remedy to improve the situation. Life’s central issues assume a higher priority. In earlier years, on vacations in the mountains, I could perceive that this one person is a part of the larger whole in an ongoing now. Now, in the busy streets of Kyoto, I start to enlarge upon this perspective. In parallel, the former sense of being a private isolated self tends to diminish. But all this comes and goes, still mostly at the intellectual level.
Observing these changes, an old paradox starts to resolve itself. Back when I first started to read about Zen, the literature placed emphasis on abrupt forms of awakening. It was difficult to conceive what a “gradual” awakening meant. But now I observe definite changes taking place in my own mental topography. Attitudes seem to be undergoing a kind of deep, slow continental drift. “Policy” shifts seem to be evolving at depths which go on to affect the strategies and tactics of behavior. If this is a kind of very gradual awakening, then it appears to be taking place.

James H. Austin (neurólogo) en “Zen The Brain”

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Cuando leía acerca de ese despertar, me he acordado de la segunda vez que leí el libro de Krishnamurti.

La primera vez lo leí casi por compromiso, un amigo me lo regaló y, al principio, me pareció un tostón, luego me fue conquistando hasta que lo terminé.

La segunda vez que volví a él, me di cuenta de la cantidad de enseñanzas que había incorporado en mi vida a consecuencia de la primera lectura de ese libro. Volver a leerlo me hizo tomar consciencia de todos los cambios. Me desperté, salí de mi Matrix transformada para verme desde fuera.

Me gusta

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