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Zen y escalada (II)
03/01/2011, 7:59 am
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Frases de un escalador llamado Chris Sharma:

I don’t think I’ve been able to be focus the way that I’ve been when I’m climbing. It totally channels my energy in such a way that I completely lose myself. And that is such a good feeling.

When you do hard routes, you have to try hard. They’re not easy routes. You have to give everything you have. You have to get totally animalistic. When you’re super pumped, I have to yell to bear down. […]  It’s like martial arts. When Bruce lee threw a punch, he had to mean it.  Haahhh! Like that. When you’re doing a hard move, there is this excess energy you have to let out. Air explodes out of you.

I see how pursuing climbing can be very selfish and totally blow the ego up. It’s so hard to keep a free-and-humble, open-and-fresh approach without taking on an attitude of self-importance. I see how I can become obsessed with accomplishments, numbers, image, and the whole bag of worms. Attachments to these things can bring much greed, jealousy, anger, and blindness to the needs and feelings of others.

I would like to be myself in life – my real self. My ego, though, is powerful and not necessarily working in my best interest all the time. Even when climbing I can’t escape the clutches of my ego. The reason why I started climbing was because I could be free from myself.

The strongest climbers aren’t always the happiest or nicest to be around; neither are some of them coming from the purest motivation. Climbing another V17 is not going to save the world! This activity of “rock climbing” is merely one of many ways to exist, pass the time, and evolve and grow from one moment to the next. That’s all.

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